Photo by  Arlo Perez

Photo by Arlo Perez

I left a corporate job I had for four years in pursuit of creating a day-to-day that I was not only proud of, but one that allowed me to consistently develop and grow as an individual. Once I received my E RYT-200 HR Certification through CorePower Yoga, I auditioned to teach their introductory format entitled C1- a beginner-friendly, all experience-levels class. At that time, I did not pass my audition and was disheartened as I had little to fall back on and wasn’t sure how to move forward with obtaining an actual teaching position.

I desperately applied to work at a cafe that I now consider a second home. A few months later when my mentor invited me to participate in a training for CPY’s Yoga Sculpt format, without hesitation, I signed up. Due to my new incentive and determination, I was officially hired to begin teaching as an intern-level instructor.

Since October 2017, I’ve taught two formats for CorePower's Seaport, Fenway, and Medford studios, while maintaining my strong relationship with Bloc in Union Square, Somerville. Thanks to the cafe, I’ve been able to utilize great networking opportunities and continue making connections leading me to some of my most esteemed teaching experiences to this day!

“Andrea brings a calm happiness into rooms she enters. When I see her come to work I feel happy because I know I'll be working with a reliable, hardworking, perceptive human. I don't think Andrea can be summarized, but the first thing I feel when I think of her is immense awe at how hard she works at everything in her life. I think that people's reactions to difficult conversations best tell you who they are, and Andrea has responded to every bit of feedback I've given her with intent listening, honest communication, and an intention to grow. I have seen her become a staple of the culture of Bloc: a person everyone can rely on, who people can look to, who people can come to because they know they'll always be heard.” -Perceval Inkpen