Power Yoga Instructor, Community Builder, Barista  Photo by  Arlo Perez

Power Yoga Instructor, Community Builder, Barista

Photo by Arlo Perez

I left a corporate job I had for four years in pursuit of creating a day-to-day that I was not only proud of, but one that allowed me to consistently develop and grow as an individual. Being both a student and teacher of Yoga has provided me with endless opportunities to evolve and understand more about myself and the importance of humanity.

In 2016 I received my E RYT-200 HR Certification through CorePower Yoga and also completed their Yoga Sculpt training which integrates weights and cardio. I began teaching two formats for CorePower across their 10+ Boston locations and maintain two heated Power Vinyasa classes there to this day. Once I felt adventurous enough to explore outside the walls of the studio, I took advantage of the opportunity to self-start a yoga program at Remnant Brewery in Somerville called Yoga in the Beer Garden. Since the brewery opened their doors in May 2018, I have built an atypical and eclectic yoga community that thrives both indoors and outdoors each weekend, rain or shine! Along with hosting pop-up classes and wellness events, these combined teaching experiences weave character into my style and always pull me from my comfort zone.

“Andrea brings a calm happiness into rooms she enters. When I see her come to work I feel happy because I know I'll be working with a reliable, hardworking, perceptive human. I don't think Andrea can be summarized, but the first thing I feel when I think of her is immense awe at how hard she works at everything in her life. I think that people's reactions to difficult conversations best tell you who they are, and Andrea has responded to every bit of feedback I've given her with intent listening, honest communication, and an intention to grow. I have seen her become a staple of the culture of Bloc: a person everyone can rely on, who people can look to, who people can come to because they know they'll always be heard.” -Perceval Inkpen